The Glazed Story

What started as an obsession turned into a business idea and here we are!

Welcome to Glazed Skin Care!

When Kayla was growing up, she never had to put much effort into taking care of her skin.You can say she was born with good genes. She never wore a lot of make up and only washed her face after a workout. Crazy, right? Alli on the other hand had the opposite problem. Years of fighting breakouts and constantly living with concealer in her bag. 


When Kayla turned 30, she started to notice lines and wrinkles she never noticed before. So she wanted to do something about it. She hated putting creams and masks on her face because you had to wash it off and that just got messy. So she started using eye gels and sheet masks and noticed a huge difference in her skin. Kayla, who owns a marketing company, figured she could make her own skincare products and use her social media marketing expertise to build the brand.

Soon after the idea came to mind, she went to her friend Alli who had recently quit her job (where she learned, from the medical standpoint, how to care for your skin) to spend more time with her daughter. Kayla asked Alli if she was interested in partnering with her on this venture. Obviously she said yes and Glazed Skin Care was born.

They started the company with the idea of creating affordable products that they enjoyed using every day.

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